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MC70xx mobilni terminal

Cena: 120e  (mobilni terminal sa pratećom opremom)

Cena: 150e  (mobilni terminal sa pratećom opremom +  odgovarajući softver)

Physical Characteristics
Brick/Imager 7.43 in. L x 3.18 in. W x 1.76 in. D
Configuration: (188 mm x 80.8 mm x 44.7 mm)
At grip: 2.40 in. W x 1.43 in. D
(61 mm x 36.3 mm)
Brick/Laser 8.33 in. L x 3.18 in. W x 1.57 in. D
Configuration: (211.6 mm x 80.8 mm x 39.9 mm)
At grip: 2.40 in. W x 1.10 in. D
(61 mm x 27.9 mm)
Gun Configurations: 193 L x 80.8 W x 166H mm
Brick/Laser config.: 13.4 oz. (379 gm) (with WLAN)
Brick/Imager config.: 15.1 oz. (428 gm) (with WLAN)
Gun Configurations 18.59 oz. (527 gm) (19.6 oz./555 gm
with Bluetooth)

Wireless Data Communications
WLAN: Motorola Spectrum24, 802.11a, 802.11b,
802.11g; note: 802.11a not available in
Output Power: 100 mW U.S. and international
Data Rate: 802.11b – 11 MB per second
802.11g – 54 MB per second
802.11a – 54 MB per second
Antenna : Internal
Frequency Range: Country-dependent; typically 2.4 to 2.5
GHz for 802.11b/g and 5.15 to
5.825 GHz for 802.11a
Bluetooth: Theatre dependent
VOIP-ready (Class 2): Optional (theatre dependent)

Performance Characteristics
Monochrome Display Color Display
Configuration Configuration
Display Res.: 320 x 320 320 x 320
Operating MC3090: Microsoft MC3090: Microsoft
System: Windows CE 5.0 Windows CE 5.0 or
Windows Mobile 6.1
App Dev.: Motorola SDK Motorola SDK
Environment: Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows
Windows Mobile SDK
Processor: IntelXScale PXA270 IntelXScale PXA270
@312MHz @520MHz
Memory: 32MB/64MB 64MB/64MB or
RAM/Flash 128MB/64MB or
Data Capture 1D Laser: reads 1D bar codes
Options: 2D Imager: reads 1D and 2D bar codes
DPM Imager: reads data matrix marks,
applied by dot peening, laser etching,
molding, stamping or casting methods to
multiple substrates including metal, plastic,
or glass
Secure Digital User accessible (located under battery)–
Slot: approved for memory expansion only
Communications: RS232, USB (Host and Client)
Power: Brick/Laser Config. 2,600 mAh @ 3.7Vdc
Brick/Imager Config. 4,400 mAh @ 3.7Vdc
Gun Configurations 4,400 mAh @ 3.7Vdc

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